Bring Back Our Girls – A Call to Prayer

I am asking everyone who reads this to stop what you are doing and pray.  Pray for the release of these girls young African daughters.  Pray that they are found and are unharmed. Pray for justice to be served.  Pray that Christians around the world will rise up and pray against this evil.  Pray that the Nigerian government will act throughly, toughly and decisively on this issue and that the nations of the world will rally around Nigeria to help locate these young girls.  Pray for comfort and peace for the families of these young women.  And pray that women across Africa will be given the rights and privileges  they deserve.

This issue is close to my heart.  My daughter is a teacher in another African country, Burundi, where she teaches in a secondary school.  They are attempting to provide a western education to all their students and the government has been supportive. 

For more information on this subject, go to  this is a Facebook group that is bringing awareness to this atrocity.

As a side note, I have found that bbc has the most thorough and up to date news on Africa.  There is a website called that does summeries of African news.  





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I am a wife and mother to two wonderful adult children who I had the privilege of homeschooling from their pre-school through high school years. While homeschooling, I served in various leadership positions in local homeschool support groups including president. I also served as the Education Coordinator and Director of ENAACT Family Academy, a homeschool co-op in New Braunfels, Tx .Prior to homeschooling, I spent 11 years teaching elementary school aged children in both public and private schools. During my time teaching in the public school system, I earned a Master's Degree in Reading Education as well as a Reading Specialist certification. My hobbies include reading and cooking and I plan to take up scrapbooking and maybe photography in the near future. I am now an empty nester discovering what God has in store for me during this next season of life.
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